computers & vision

Often your own workplace can be a sight for sore eyes! With so many of us spending a large portion of our day in front of a computer monitor, taking the proper steps to reduce computer related vision problems can make the difference between comfortable vision and strained and tired eyes at the end of your day.

In spending a great deal of time looking at a computer screen, our eyes are forced to maintain a prolonged state of focus.

This can induce such symptoms as tired, red, strained eyes, or fluctuating vision at all distances, as well as headaches or dry burning eyes.

We believe in performing specialized tests during an eye examination to diagnose such problems and can offer solutions to reduce the problems related to sustained computer use.

Often, simple visual changes in your work environment or special lenses designed for computer use can help to make your workplace more “eye friendly”.

Specialized lenses include computer adapted lenses. These are lenses where the top of the lens is used for computer work and the bottom of the lens is used for reading. These lenses offer better comfort and allow for better posture at the computer. These lenses come in lined bifocal style or invisible progressive lens style.