Over 1000 choices when it comes to eyeglass frames! We have something for everyone and new products with the latest styles and materials are always arriving.

And More Choices...
Whether you wear glasses for seeing distance or near or both there are lots of lens options. New materials and lenses are leading the way. If you wear the no line or invisible bifocal (Progressive) lenses, new designs make them easier than ever to use. Wider reading areas and smoother graduations make for more natural vision. Combine these great lens choices with a hard protective scratch coating and the enhanced clarity of reflection free lenses and you will have exceptional lenses to look through and easy to take care of.

Learn more about the dangers of blue light by viewing this article: Meeting the Blue Light Challenge.


UV Rays and Your Eyes
Hollywood can create or change a movie star's image with a particular pair of sunglasses. Models, musicians, and movie stars popularize trendy shades and out-of-sight styles. But are your sunglasses fashionable and functional? With the right ingredients, sunglasses can protect your eyes against ultraviolet (UV) radiatio, bright visible light and glare. The colour, darkness and fashion of sunglasses has little to do with UV protection. Many countries set standards for UV absorption of sunglasses. Special lens treatments can add polarizing filters, mirrored coatings, or special tints to sunglasses that can reduce glare, reflect bright light, enhance contrast, or make it easier to see on overcast days.

When purchasing sunglasses, people are looking for more than just a great look. They want to cut down the exposure to bright light, harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation and glare.